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Blinx is str8 but he agreed 2 let Welsey suck his dick but he said no cock was goin' in his mouth. He was in da shower gettin' ready 4 da shoot when Welsey grabbed him ;amp; gave him no choice bout lettin' him play wit his naked body ;amp; suck his big meat. Look like Blinx don't mind much 'cept 4 he keep gaggin' on Welseys meat. Blinx get face fucked ;amp; dick slapped a bunch ;amp; even get his face covered in Welsey cum but when he have 2 bust off a load of his own he had trouble ;amp; Welsey got pissed but it ok cause Blinx got pissed back. Watch this twisted shit ;amp; u c what I mean cause 4real dis sum sick twisted shit. Watch it all now in high quality at Real, Raw ;amp; Dirty!

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Date: 2010-04-20

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